Happy Diwali

October 28, 2008


Yes. A Malasyian blogger (worked as IT consultant),  a critic of the governament in his country became lawmaker and now heading into parliament. His notorious blog posts sparkled serious police investigations and seems like he earned popularity in the crowd. He defeated the ruling-party candidate in the elections and got his seat reserved in oppostion party. 

Full story: http://features.csmonitor.com/innovation/2008/08/28/a-blogger-takes-office-in-malaysia/

Good points from this news: Internet, Youth in politics

“Ooi has no regrets about his career switch from IT constultant. “The keyboard is mightier than the sword…. Even a blogger can no longer tolerate the quality of governance that the country is having now,” he says

“These politicians are likely to be online, as Malaysian cyberspace has emerged as an effective counterpoint to mainstream media that are either state-run or owned by government loyalists. About 52 percent of Malaysians are Internet users, compared with 71 percent in the US.”

“Many of the newcomers are relatively young, underscoring a generational shift in politics here after decades of leadership by an entrenched elite. One in three MPs in the Democratic Action Party, a coalition partner of Mr. Anwar, is under 40. By contrast, the youngest divisional chief in the ruling United Malays National Organization is 43, says Liew Chin Tong, a DAP lawmaker”

Here is one blog post from Nita, the blog site which I regularly visit, (http://nitawriter.wordpress.com/2008/08/22/seeing-india-through-the-eyes-of-amul/) on Amul ads (see ads based on Tata’s Nano, Bhajji’s slap on Sreeshant face, Musharraf presidency etc).  I liked them very much so thought I would add to my blog.

Yesterday evening

August 14, 2008

Yesterday evening was a quite combination of something nice and bitter experiences. I took my wife to WOD trail (here is the link http://www.wodfriends.org/ for more info) for an evening walk. This trail is mostly used for walking/jogging/running which is surrounded by bushes, trees and you feel like you are in the woods in some parts. I liked the trail better than running/jogging on a Treadmill in the gym as it brings you close to the nature and away from closed environments. We walked around 2 miles for an hour, watching kids riding with their small bikes followed by parents, evening joggers walking their dogs. We came back home with a quite refreshing feeling…..How much worth of it……..Priceless

Now what next…..we planned to go out for a dinner. Eating out is good I know(giving a break from everyday cooking for my wife)……..but where? is the million dollar question. We both are not big lovers of the American/Italian/Mexican…. food. We usually eat out in Thai/Indian restaurants……..Why Thai? because it has some rice based recipes and I like those. However, recently I got some bad experience with Thai food so I said no. Then what’s the other choice left? The one n only Indian food….naaaa…..skip the regular rice and curry stuff today…..I said let’s go to American restaurant. My wife supported it. We landed in a nearby family restaurant (it’s kind of Greek & American). After going through in-an-outs of the menu, finally, my wife ordered Broiled chicken (broiled chicken, home made salad, garlic bread, fried potatoes) for her. She didn’t know what exactly she would get. To play safe, I ordered one item under the Subs (with a hope to get some subway kind of sub). After waiting for few minutes, first item brought to our table was green homemade salad…..we finished in it no time. The Next item, 4 pieces of garlic bread. We found them very fresh and tasty…..made the plate empty even before other items to come. After waiting for few minutes, we got the rest of the items. The broiled chicken was like half-piece of chicken looked like roasted/half cooked. And my order, sub was not really a sub; it was kind of pita bread wrapped with regular lettuce, Greek chicken, tomatoes. we struggled to eat…..what a pity…..none of them taste good………As we are habituated to eat spicy indian curries n stuff, How can we eat a bland chicken without adding spices to it? Terrible……… it was one of awful dinner I ever had. How much worth of it….$26.

We strongly decided (as we did so many times) we shouldn’t try something different espcially in a restaurant that we never visited before.